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Residential & Working in Germany.

We  from "my city real estate" offer foreign and non EU citizens the opportunity to build a business in Germany by investing in a rented residential or commercial property. On this basis it is possible to apply for a Business Visa.

For persons who invest more than 250,000 euros in their own business in Germany, there is the possibility to obtain a permanent visa.


This opportunity is often used by persons from non-EU countries. However, a traditional commercial business is difficult to control from a distance and requires constant presence. If one takes his own responsibility, one is not sure whether the capital invested is increased or even lost. We recommend the following alternative solution:

"The acquisition of one or more rented residential and commercial buildings as a safe investment and commercial enterprise."

We do not mean the acquisition of shares, certificates or condominiums, but in each case complete residential and commercial buildings including the corresponding land. Your advantage: only you determine your investment, there are no other shareholders. These properties are mostly rented out and therefore have an attractive income from the rental. These houses are acquired for this purpose through a company founded for you (GmbH). During the duration of the stay, a local house administration takes care of the buildings and the tenants' concerns. If you wish, the surplus from the rental can be paid on a monthly basis to any worldwide bank account. In addition, you can speculate with the real estate: You can order us with the resale at a higher price. From a retention period of 6 or 10 years, the proceeds from the sale in Germany can be tax-exempt.

Our model offers the following advantages:

1. High protection of your investment because only you determine there are no other shareholders.

2. Real estate property is particularly protected in Germany, notary duty for transfers, land register, no information to third parties.

3. Crime-proof investment in a property with substance as inflation protection.

4. Investment in one of the safest countries in the world.

5. attractive asset with expectation between 5 to 7.5% return per year.

6. a financial investment with high, speculative appreciation potential through resale at a higher price.

7. Tax-free sale (after-sales) after 6 years within a limited liability company or after 10 years as private seller possible!

8. Use of one of the apartments as a self-service or expansion of a residential unit planned for self-employment.

9. Application address for one (or more) business / company / postal address ect.

10. Allocation of an EU tax number, EORI Import / Export customs identification number


Real estate ownership costs in Germany.

- one-time charges:

1. the purchase price of the property / s: Bspw. 250,000 euros

2. Real estate agent fee 7,14% incl. VAT

3. Emergency costs: approximately 3.5%

4. Real estate tax: up to 6.5% (varies from state to state)

5. our start-up certificate for a corporation including notary and commercial register costs, taxes and tax advice: 25,000 euros incl. VAT.

- running costs:

1. House administration costs: approx. 25 - 35 Euro per apartment and per month as administration fee, incl. Money transfer within Germany or against surcharge worldwide.

The costs of the property per se for taxes, winter service, street cleaning, garbage disposal, drinking water, wastewater, rainwater, insurance, gas, electricity, telephone, satellite or cable TV ... pay the tenant proportionally in the form of monthly operating expenses prepaid.

It is also a good idea to put as much as 2% or more of the revenue as a reserve for possible modernization or repairs per year. On request, the house administrations can take care of repairs, search for, commission and control craftsmen. In the same way, the house administrations provide for the new letting in the event of a tenant exchange.

The bottom line is that an annual return of 4 - 7.5% can be effectively projected after deduction of all costs. Plus the increase in the value of the property so that within 10 years an income of an average over 10% surplus appears possible and not unrealistic.

The offer to "package" a property in a corporation can have the advantage for the future owner that all commercial expenses attributable to the commercial purpose can be offset against profits (eg rental income), also exceeding costs. To mention only a few types of costs: travel and travel expenses, accommodation and entertainment costs, rental car, telephone ... etc. Depending on the tax status (option for VAT), refund of 19% VAT, amortization of capital goods ... Please contact us A decision is a tax consultant, since we are not members of the tax-advising professions and can not and can not provide legally binding information on the basis of this.

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